A story of freshness


They say many great ideas are born in the kitchen.  As I was busy making a couple of soy candles for a friends birthday…..The pot was on the kitchen stove with water bubbling away and steam slowly filling the air, a pyrex jug full of soy wax flakes was sitting inside said pot of water and steam.

I wanted to create a Nature Product that is free of all the harmful ingredients of the big Candle Giants. For me it was all about quality and a healthy approach to Candle Scents.

I spent the last year working hard to bring my invention to life; and embarked on hundreds of hours of research and development. Testing, improving, and investing! Ultimately creating a world-first class product and an exciting new brand within the home fragrance market.

I hope you enjoy my soaring Scents as much I love to create them.

Scently - Life with soaring scents...scentsifying  the World one candle at a time.





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