Frequently asked questions

Do your candles contain paraffin wax?

While our previous collections sold on Etsy did contain some Praffin Wax , Scently has changed its entire concept and moved to a fully Organic Wax blend that contains Rapeseed and Coconut Wax and is free of Paraffin .

Can I get a candle produced for special occasions e.g Weddings etc.

Yes! We are happy to produce your own creation for your special occasion, and will be able to brand and package it to your specifications . Please contact us directly to discuss your needs.

How long do your Candles burn?

This depends of the size of the Candle , however all our Candles burn between 35-60 hours

Will you produce othe products like Soaps , Wax melts etc.

Yes! At the moment Scently is sourcing the ingredients to bring you in 2020 , Soaps, Body lotions , Room diffusers , Shampoo and various other scented organic products.





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