The smell of a Cedarwood Tree with an uplifting Orange scent. 
Our Cedarwood Essential Oil  extracted through the process of steam distillation from pieces of the Cedar Wood tree. Cedarwood has a soft, woody aroma with undertones of sandalwood and is mixed with an Orange oil extracted from the orange peel by cold-pressing, bursting with sweet, fresh and tangy aromas. 


SKU: 0018
  • All our candles are 100% Vegan , with a Vegetable Wax Blend, and mostly feature our Signature Wood Wick. (Variations might be possible with a Cotton Wick to ensure best burn pool and scent throw) All our Candles are handcrafted hence sometimes we might be out of stock a particular chosen scent. Please rest assured that we will produce your order in the best delays and allow us to deliver it to your home within 7 working days.





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